“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

No one ever said that running a business was an easy task, and there is always the game of balancing the financial bottom line and the overall needs of the company. However, when it comes to legal aspects of the business, it is never a good idea to skimp in an effort to save money. The quote above has never been so meaningful as it is in today’s business world. The panic that comes with realizing that a crisis has arisen can often be entirely prevented with a little forethought. With that in mind, you would be very wise to consult a business attorney right now, if you are contending with any of the following issues.

Contract Negotiation A small business attorney in San Diego can help to ensure that your contract, whether with a new employee, a vendor, or a potential client is worded to protect you and your assets. After all, in a lawsuit, contracts that are poorly worded can be used against the party who drafted them. This is where prevention comes into play. While contract templates can help, every company has unique needs and demands. Therefore, contracts should be individualized and reviewed by a professional contract attorney.

Intellectual Property Protection Do you have intellectual property online? What would happen if another company or entity started to use that material as their own? There are ways to ensure that your company’s hard work and investment is not lost to intellectual property theft. Hire a small business attorney in San Diego who is familiar with plagiarism and intellectual property theft laws and can help prevent a small issue from becoming something much larger.

Severance Agreements Employees must be treated with great respect. It can be very costly mistake to violate state or federal employment laws.  California courts do not react kindly. To protect your business and ensure that a severance package complies with the myriad of applicable laws, take the extra step today and have it written and reviewed by a business attorney in San Diego.