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Below are some testimonials and reviews we have received from our valued clients:

Gehres Law Group was very easy to work with. They helped us with our estate planning documents and were very pleased with their knowledge and efficiency. I would definitely recommend Gehres Law Group to my friends and family. – Delilah Rivera

I have recommended her legal services to my colleagues for business and personal matters.
We needed a bold, proactive approach to the legal issues our company faced.  Solutions required an understanding of our business and a step-by-step approach to problem resolution.   Tina developed an action plan and time frame. We had a clear vision of what needed to be accomplished and the rest was easy.

Be prepared!  Tina doesn’t waste time.  She has a talent for promptly getting to the important issues and solutions.  Tina is a results-focused person and I have recommended her legal services to my colleagues for business and personal matters.

Terry Simokat
Amercian Cargoservice, Inc.

I give their attorneys and staff the highest recommendation.
I had a business dispute with a large cable company and attorney Stephen Lux of Gehres Law Group provided excellent representation. He was extremely professional, expedient, and provided great value for the cost. I give their attorneys and staff the highest recommendation and intend to use them in the future for all my business needs. ~ Vivien, Business Owner

Tina and her colleague Bill Tucker are very knowledgeable and helpful, as well as responsive.
I am a CPA and met Tina Gehres as a professional contact some time ago. Recently I needed an attorney to help me with an employment matter so I hired Tina and her firm to help me. I was extremely pleased with the outcome of the settlement and very much appreciated the assistance. Tina and her colleague Bill Tucker are very knowledgeable and helpful, as well as responsive. The client portal was also a great way to share information back and forth. I would definitely recommend Tina Gehres and her firm.

I was very pleased with the professionalism both Tina and Stephen demonstrated throughout the process beginning with our first meeting
Stephen Lux’s efforts to win our case were excellent.  But it is more than professionalism by which I gauge the level of service provided.  It was a very stressful time for me and my son when we first contacted the Gehres Law Group and, although we needed and received prompt, sound and professional legal advice and counsel, we also needed friendliness, empathy and caring to get us through a difficult process.  We got that from both of you.  

Frankly my expectations were not to get good sound knowledgeable legal services and professional advice. That’s what lawyers are expected to do.  We certainly received that from Stephen and more. Legal analysis and advice was thorough, honest and clear.   Steve’s services were prompt.  He sent me emails and also kept me informed by phone.  Equally valuable was his genuine friendliness, empathy and caring. ~VR, business litigation client

I Highly and Strongly Recommend Gehres Law Firm to Anyone
We needed to restructure our family trust and wanted a change from our previous attorney who constantly found ways to complicate the work and drive up the cost. Tina Gehres proved to be the opposite in that she focused only on what needed to be done, and scheduled meeting only when necessary and kept them short. The quality of her work was exemplary and the cost was very affordable. No large firm can approach the affordability of her professional services and attention to client needs. I highly and strongly recommend her firm to anyone. ~ Scott

Invaluable Legal Insights
Locating a diligent and responsive attorney who can efficiently help with your particular needs is not easy. In my experience working with Tina, I found that she possesses unique skills and invaluable legal insights for any individual or organization. She evaluated my situation from every angle, and effectively outlined all available options, each with practical steps to reach my desired goal.

Her experience and knowledge, along with her sincerity, are just some of the attributes that differentiate Tina from the rest. In addition to her outstanding expertise, Tina worked with my case as it was her own, and consistently kept my updated throughout the entire process. Tina has mastered the art of helping, advising and representing her clients, so effectively. ~ Marcelo

Extraordinary and Efficient
Tina was instrumental in reviewing, consulting and providing the information I needed to consummate the sale of my business to my partner. Her quick response and availability in following through with my questions and those of other attorneys involved was extraordinary. I particularly liked the efficiency of her online portal that allowed for very confidential exchanges of information and documents with superior efficiency.~ John, Business Client

Top Tier Law Firm!
I have experienced attorneys before on few occasions. When I chose Tina’s Law firm, I had no knowledge of how to file a lawsuit or pursue reimbursement for loss and damages caused by a business partner. She and her colleagues had worked overtime on my case even when she knew I didn’t have much money to pay her. I have the utmost confidence in Tina and her co-workers, as they have kept me informed on situations regarding my case. I would recommend her to anyone who wants a fast, effective attorney who knows what she is doing. I fear for anyone who has to see her in court that she isn’t defending.  ~ Brandon

I absolutely could not have achieved justice without Bill’s services.
I had been in an ‘off-the-books’ arrangement with my boss for nearly two years when he suddenly and abusively fired me and withheld my wages.  I knew that I had experienced injustice, but doubted that I could win a battle against a wealthy person when I had no money.

Bill was amazing.  He quickly educated me regarding relevant laws and reassured me that I was correct in feeling a sense of injustice.  Miraculously, he agreed to help me on a contingent basis, knowing that I would never be able to pay for his services otherwise.  This already brought me a lot of comfort because I knew he wouldn’t do something like that unless he was confident I would prevail.Over the next couple of months he was perfect in every way.  He never left me hanging or wondering what was going on, and was never pushy regarding how we ought to deal with the case.  He just gave me the facts and handled the case according to my wishes.  When my former employer tried to challenge my claim, Bill handled everything.  Trying to handle this case on my own would have been tremendously stressful if not impossible, and losing would have made my bad situation exponentially worse.  I absolutely could not have achieved justice without Bill’s services.I wrote this testimonial because I want other people to know they can get justice and I am fully confident in Bill and Tina to provide excellent, efficient service. ~ Employment Law Client

I would definitely refer any of my friends to the Gehres Law Group
I recently went to the Gehres Law Group and had them prepare Trust and Deed documents for my estate planning.  Tina Gehres was very helpful, and knowledgeable about what needed to be done, and quickly and efficiently provided me the assistance I requested.  I was very impressed with her use of online communication, which allowed us to exchange information regarding changes and special requirements in a timely manner.  I would definitely refer any of my friends to the Gehres Law Group. ~ Nancy

Above and beyond
I originally contacted Ms. Gehres to do a trust, which she completed expeditiously for us. As a courtesy to save me on miles — I live and work in a remote rural area — she scheduled an early morning consult at a restaurant that was conveniently located for both of us. I contacted her again later for another matter, which turned out to be outside her specialty. She spent considerable time hunting down information and attorneys whose specialties better matched my issue. I feel she has gone above and beyond in serving my particular needs and I expect to call her again if the need arises.~ Estate Planning Client

These testimonials or endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.

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