san diego business litigation attorneyAs a trial lawyer, there is nothing I enjoy more than an honest client with a righteous case.  Hallelujah!  So many people use lawyers as henchmen, to bully their enemies and competitors, with lies.  But when I have a client who has been cheated or harmed, and is truly a victim, a victim of lies!!!!….that is the case I want.  That is, usually…a winning case!

The truth is powerful.  It is a powerful advantage.

But let’s not be too pollyanish. People can and will lie and prevaricate impressively, especially when they are motivated by money, or spite. And liars DO win in Court, often enough, especially if they have the advantage of more money and better lawyers.

As they say, “Court is where people go to lie”.

But still, I tell you: there is nothing like the truth.  Righteous truth.  Give me the truth, and I don’t care how fancy a lawyer the liar hires…my client will prevail most often.  The truth is powerful, and hard to hide.  It is consistent.  It resonates, and is recognized.  Jurors and Judges can usually feel it intuitively.

Life is complicated, of course, and truth is often subtle, or depends on one’s perspective, one’s point of view, or even philosophy.  Rarely, in any rancorous business dispute, is either side completely“innocent” of prevarication.  People are not, by nature, impartial.  They tend to see the world through their own particular lenses, and this is especially so when it comes to a contentious dispute with someone else.  People tend to see the truth and justice in their side of the argument, and are often blind to the other point of view.  But there are liars and then there are LIARS….capital letter LIARS who know they are lying and trying to cheat and get away with it.  As a business owner, YOU KNOW when you have been cheated by a LIAR. As a trial attorney, those are the ones I want to cross-examine!  I like to catch them in their lies; I feel as though it is my contribution to “justice” in my community.

Clients don’t like it sometimes, at the beginning of a case, when I tell them they are going to have to testify honestly and reveal harmful information, if questioned, rather than lie.  But I know from experience that there is nothing more harmful to your case than being caught lying.  At the outset of any case, I like to evaluate it impartially, with my client, acknowledging the weaknesses and building a litigation strategy from there: on the bedrock of “the truth” as we know it, and as we can prove it.

By: Stephen Lux, attorney at law

Of Counsel for Gehres Law Library


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