Statement of Information

Don’t miss your deadlines for filing a Statement of Information with the California Secretary of State. Below are the required due dates for filing (penalties assessed range from $50 to $250):

90 Day Statement of Information/Change of Corporate Information:

For Domestic Stock, Agricultural Cooperative, Foreign Corporations and Limited Liability Companies, a Statement of Information is due within 90 days after registration with the California Secretary of State, and when ANY information has changed since the last complete Statement of Information was filed. Clients who purchase our VIP Formation Package will have this filing included. For all others, you will need to request a Tailored Flat Fee Package, or ask us to file the 90 day Statement of Information or change of information at our current hourly or flat fee rate.

Annual Filings

Domestic Stock, Agricultural Cooperative Corporations and Foreign Corporations must file a complete Statement of Information every year. The due date depends on the date the corporation was formed.

Every Other Year Filings

Limited Liability Companies and Not-For-Profit Corporations must file a statement of information every other year.

  • Filing tip: If the corporation’s Articles of Incorporation were originally filed with the California Secretary of State in an even-numbered year, file statement of information every even-numbered year. If the corporation originally filed Articles of Incorporation with the California Secretary of State in an odd-numbered year, file every odd-numbered year.

Electronic Filing

The required Statement of Information for most corporations can be submitted electronically and is generally processed in one business day. Statements submitted on paper should be directed to the Secretary of State’s office in Sacramento, either by mail or dropped off in person. Statements for limited liability companies and common interest developments must be submitted on paper, by mail or in person (drop off), at this time.

Public Disclosure

Please note that the public can view information and download documents contained in the Secretary of State’s electronic records using digital search tools and information posted on the Secretary of State’s website. Also, please note that individuals and private companies use this public information to create third party access to these records.

For more information, see the California Secretary of State’s website at Penalties for late filed statements of information are $250 against for profit companies and $50 assessed against not-for-profit companies. Contact the business attorneys at Gehres Law Library today to have us handle your statement of information filings.