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11 09, 2017

What is Required to Register a Trademark?

By | 2017-09-11T05:37:41+00:00 September 11th, 2017|Trademark|Comments Off on What is Required to Register a Trademark?

A trademark lawyer at Gehres Law Group, P.C. can help you to determine if you can register a brand name, symbol, words, or phrase under U.S. trademark laws. If so, we will provide unmatched representation through the process of registering your trademark. There are certain legal requirements and limitations on what can be trademarked, so [...]

26 04, 2017


By | 2017-04-26T11:47:41+00:00 April 26th, 2017|Civil Litigation, Intellectual Property, Trademark, Uncategorized|Comments Off on BATTLING A TRADEMARK INFRINGEMENT LAWSUIT

What is trademark infringement? In a nutshell, trademark infringement is the unlawful use of an established trademark or a confusingly similar one with the same or similar goods or services. Depending on the circumstances, a trademark owner who believes its mark is being infringed may file a civil lawsuit in either state or federal court. [...]

9 09, 2016


By | 2017-09-11T06:08:59+00:00 September 9th, 2016|Copyright, Trademark|Comments Off on YOU CAN STOP TRADEMARK INFRINGMENT

You have gone through the painstaking process of starting a business, developing a brand for your business, namely, your business’ trademark, invested significant time and resources into this development, and suddenly you discover another business is using your exact trademark or a similar one. What can you do? What are the Elements of a Trademark [...]

15 04, 2016

TRADEMARK MAINTENANCE: How Do I Maintain a Registration?

By | 2017-09-11T06:16:09+00:00 April 15th, 2016|Intellectual Property, trademark, Trademark, Trademarks & Copyrights|Comments Off on TRADEMARK MAINTENANCE: How Do I Maintain a Registration?

A Trademark is a Living Asset If you have a registered trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”), you have taken a very important step in protecting your businesses’ brand.  However, what happens after you receive that registration?  Do you own your trademark forever?  Not exactly.  Once you have obtained a federal [...]

21 03, 2016

Remedies for Cybersquatting

By | 2017-09-11T06:20:00+00:00 March 21st, 2016|Asset Protection, Business Law, Business Litigation, Commercial Law, Intellectual Property|Comments Off on Remedies for Cybersquatting

Introduction Have you ever noticed that when a person or business name becomes popular or well-known, there’s often an unrelated third party prepared to park or register website domains in the name of that person or business? In many such cases, the third party’s objective involves making an easy profit by holding the domains “hostage” [...]