Banner Happy Family 10-16-15At Gehres Law Library, we are passionate about providing the right estate planning services for each client’s specific needs. We treat each client like we treat our family, ensuring you are offered the best options for your situation. Your legal documents are prepared with care, with your stated objectives in mind, by our experienced attorneys, not a paralegal.

We are transparent. At the outset, you will know the cost for your estate plan based on our published fee packages, which are very affordable for attorney prepared documents. We’ve done our homework and know our estate planning services provide high-quality documents at a fraction of the price many competitors charge.

We are responsive. One of the most frequent comments we hear from clients is that we are quick to respond to their questions and concerns. As a full-service law firm, our knowledgeable and experienced estate planning attorneys strive to ensure each client inquiry is answered promptly and accurately, all while saving clients thousands of dollars in planning and probate costs.

Whether you seek to manage your assets in the event of your incapacity, avoid probate, or have a combination of objectives in mind, we can help. Click here to contact us now for your free confidential consultation.

Estate Planning Documents Including Consultation with an Estate Planning Attorney

For clients who wish to take advantage of our traditional legal services, we offer estate planning packages at flat fee rates starting at $2,399.00 for individuals and $2,799.00 for couples, including a consultation with an attorney and our most popular selection of estate planning documents designed to provide you with peace of mind. As an alternative, our unbundled or single document wills and living trusts are also available on a flat fee basis for clients who wish to retain us to draft one or two documents, rather than a package of documents.

The following list includes our current estate planning packages to choose from. The basic package includes a complementary consultation with an estate planning attorney, a living trust, certification of trust, a pour over will (or two pour over wills for couples), an advance directive for the purpose of naming an agent to make healthcare decisions (two for couples), a durable power of attorney (two for couples), a grant and assignment of assets to your new trust, and a subscription to our monthly newsletter which provides continuing updates of interest to our clients.  For unbundled estate planning documents or for documents which are not listed here, please contact us.

                           Affordable Estate Planning Services

Estate Planning Service Packages
*Complementary for documents prepared by our attorneys for a full year.
**Discounts on all Estate Planning services for immediate family members, including parents and children for one year.
***Includes 5% and 10% discounts on all Corporate Law, Employment Law, Intellectual Property Law and Litigation Services for one full year.
****Up to 60 minutes of phone consultation with Estate Planning Attorney, for one year following execution of documents.

*Benefits of a Living Trust in California

Some of the common objectives our clients have in preparing a living trust:

1. Avoid probate. This is a frequent goal of many clients in California since the cost of administering a trust is often a fraction of the expense involved in probating a will.

2. Avoid conservatorship. This is also a commonly stated goal of our clients. Together with a durable power of attorney, clients can predetermine who will manage their assets in the event of their incapacity, as well as how they will be managed, saving thousands of dollars in court and administrative costs.

3. Predetermine who receives assets at death. While a will is capable of devising assets at death through probate, only a living trust has the flexibility to provide for delayed distribution, protection of beneficiaries from creditor claims, as well as other objectives, all without the need for probate. A trust can be administered for years and years following the creator’s passing.

4. Enforcement. A living trust can include provisions such as a no-contest clause, spendthrift clause, and governing law provisions, which preserve the distribution provisions and protect against the potential for disgruntled beneficiaries.

5. Incentives for beneficiaries. A living trust can include mandatory milestones or conditions which must be met before a beneficiary is entitled to a distribution. This is particularly common where a client wishes to ensure their children graduate from college or to prevent children who have an addiction problem from receiving a distribution and possibly squandering the trust assets.

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