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Trademark & Copyright Fee Packages

Trademarks and copyrights involve some of the most valuable assets a business may own. Regardless of what your business offers your consumers — services or goods — trademarks and copyrights are the keys to establishing and protecting a recognizable brand.  It is critical to invest in the protection of these assets.  A company who fails to police and defend its trademarks and copyrights through an experienced trademark and copyright attorney, may lose the benefit of those rights.

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Business Formation

The attorneys at Gehres Law Group, P.C. are pleased to provide our clients with a variety of discounted packages to form your business. We have seen what clients get for their money from non-lawyer competitors when clients come to us to fix their legal documents. The one-size-fits-all approach to preparing legal documents is much like purchasing a size 5 shoe to fit a size 10 foot—it often leads to a great deal of future discomfort and disappointment.

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Estate Planning Services Fees

What do our clients like most about us? At Gehres Law Group, P.C., we are passionate about providing the right estate planning services for each client’s specific needs. We treat each client like we treat our family, ensuring you are offered the best options for your situation. Your legal documents are prepared with care, with your state objectives in mind, by our experienced attorneys, not a paralegal.

We are transparent. At the outset, you will know the cost for your estate plan based on our published fee packages, which are very affordable for attorney prepared documents. We’ve done our homework and know our estate planning services provide high quality documents at a fraction of the price of many competitors.

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