Introduction Consider the typical situation when a person wishes to purchase a home. The purchaser typically puts a certain amount of money down, say 10% of the purchase price, and finances the remaining 90% through a loan from a bank or other mortgage lender. The purchaser then signs a promissory note in favor of the [...]

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2019 – A Vintage Year for Irrevocable Living Trusts

Although California produces stellar wine vintages year after year, there has been relatively little production of anything new or positive for California non-grantor trusts. But the landscape has changed, the conditions are ideal, and the time is ripe. A recent crop of legislation and cases, including California’s new Uniform Trust Decanting Act and the Paula [...]

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Can I Tell you Everything? California Attorney/Client Privilege.

Introduction Most of us are familiar with the attorney–client privilege in terms of protections provided in criminal cases and prosecutions.  But what about its application to civil and business related matters? Through television and movies, most of us have learned that if you tell your lawyer all your dirty deeds he or she can’t tell [...]

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Why should I care and what should I know? Whether you’re a small business owner who’s hoping to expand, or just getting started; or, as often times in today’s economy, in need of some extra capital to stay afloat, you’re more than likely going to come into contact with a UCC Form-1 filing. What is [...]

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A cause of action for fraud can arise when a party misrepresents material facts, makes false promises, or otherwise deceives another party with the intention of depriving them of their money, property, and/or rights as discussed in this article.

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