Many business owners believe consultation with a small business attorney is only necessary after their business is under threat of litigation. In many cases, however, a business attorney can actually prevent a lawsuit. Using expert legal consultation as a preventive measure can enhance the quality of your business’ performance, employee satisfaction, and your peace of mind. Here are a few reasons why this approach works best.

Build a Better Understanding of Employment Law.

One of the most complex areas of operation for most small businesses is employment law. California is fairly atypical in that there are a number of laws and regulations in this area that other states simply do not have. In other words, California employment laws tend to be more employee friendly than most states. If change is coming, it often begins here. Retaining a small business attorney to help you navigate your company’s obligations to its employees and developing an environment that proactively ensures its legal exposure is minimized ensures your small business starts off on better footing.

Prevent Hindsight Policies.

Learning from mistakes is good, but a company should not make it a practice to set and write their policies almost exclusively from a hindsight perspective. Past poor decision making cannot be the only thing that informs current policies. Instead, when it comes to employment laws, advertising practices, creating the proper legal framework for your company, and a variety of other issues, choosing to retain and consult a thorough and competent business attorney ensures that you are never operating in a defensive posture or in a manner where you have to react to crisis on a regular basis. It is far better to plan in advance than to learn from a lawsuit.

Interpret Important Federal Laws.

The recent passage of the Affordable Care Act is a good example of a scenario in which businesses need legal talent to help them determine if they are complying with the mandates of the law. As laws change, your company needs to remain nimble to these changes. A consultation with a business attorney helps determine whether your current actions are sufficient under the law, or whether you may need to make an adjustment.

Experienced Small Business Attorneys

Developing a good relationship with a small business attorney can be important in the future as well. No one wants to be involved in a lawsuit, but if the worst case scenario does happen, having a strong relationship with an experienced business attorney means you have partner you can trust to represent your company’s interests in the best possible way.