Corporate Law

What is Corporate Law?

Corporate law involves the formation and governance of corporations and other entities, including C Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Professional Corporations, and other corporate entities, any of which may elect S Corporation status with the IRS. Corporate law involves continuing compliance with the California Corporations Code and is related to other areas of law, such as commercial law and contract law.  State and federal laws generally treat corporate entities as a person that can sue or be sued and shields shareholders and members, the owners, against personal liability for company obligations.

In California, the statutory framework governing corporations is the California Corporations Code. If an entity is not formed or governed in accordance with the Corporations Code, there are a host of difficulties which may arise, as we have summarized here.  One of the more problematic and potentially devastating problems which can occur, from a shareholder’s perspective, is the situation wherein a Court concludes that the corporation is a “sham” and utilizes the “alter ego” doctrine to “pierce the corporate veil” and hold the owners liable for the corporation’s obligations.  This generally occurs to small and medium sized businesses which have neglected their corporate governance matters, sometimes resulting in bankruptcy of the corporation and possibly the owners.

Knowledgeable Corporate Law Attorneys

Since protection against personal liability for company obligations is a primary reason many owners form a corporation, it follows that owners are well advised not to neglect their corporate compliance and corporate governance matters. That’s where we shine. Our corporate law attorneys have years of experience reviewing and drafting corporate documents, as well as assessing risk and advising clients with regard to their corporate governance. It is not a luxury to engage the services of a corporate lawyer, it is imperative for the viability of every corporation. Just some of the corporate-related matters we address include:

  • Review of Existing Corporate Governance Documents and Identifying Risks
  • Negotiating, Reviewing, or Drafting Corporate Related Contracts

In addition to these and other corporate law issues, corporations also face all of the legal issues that other business entity types face. These matters can include:

  • Premises Liability

That is why, at Gehres Law Group, P.C., we have assembled a team of attorneys with more than 80+ years of experience in these various areas of the law affecting corporations and other business entities—a team which recognizes the vital importance of doing everything possible to preserve client interests above all else, and doing so as cost-effectively as possible. Whether you are thinking about starting a business, are selling or purchasing a business, have experienced rapid growth, might dissolve your business, or anything in between, we can help. We know how to comprehensively establish and maintain the most appropriate legal structure. Contact us today for a free evaluation. You’ll be glad you did.