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The legal needs of a small business don’t stop once the entity is formed, they have just begun. The expense of hiring in-house counsel is often out of reach for small businesses, which will typically cost well over $100,000 per year, including salary and benefits. We give business owners an affordable option to receive the legal services they need for a small fraction of the price. Our Silver Business Package starts at just $999 per month, a small price to ensure your company has protection from legal attacks.

Legal Support from a Business Attorney When You Need It Most

We also offer “On Demand” legal services. Because legal issues often don’t arise when we expect them to, our fee packages can be structured to include on-demand legal advice. Just ask your legal question through our secure client portal and we will answer it as part of your monthly fee, usually within one day and often sooner depending on the complexity of the issue.*

Even seemingly simple day to day decisions can have legal ramifications that should be reviewed by an experienced small business attorney to avoid the potential for legal action against your business. If a dispute has arisen, we work tirelessly to resolve it without litigation if at all possible.

Let us provide the support your small business needs, so you can focus on its operations and growth. Following is a sample of the services we provide to small businesses. If you do not see your needs addressed here, contact us for a free evaluation.

Type of Service

Dispute Resolution Services

On-demand Corporate or General Counsel Services

Draft Demand Letter and Follow-up

Respond to Demand Letter and Follow-up

Draft Contracts

Annual Review of Legal Needs (A popular service for first-time clients)

Review Current Employee Policies and make recommendations

Draft Employee Policies and Procedures

Draft employee or independent contractor agreement

Review contracts and make recommendations

Draft Employee Stock Option/Benefit Plan

Employment termination and release agreement

Draft Use or Licensing contract

Negotiation of contract

Draft Non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements

Draft Purchase Agreement

Draft Partnership agreement

Draft Operating agreement

Draft Website Privacy Policy

Draft Website User Agreement/Term of Service

Small Business Attorney Service Packages:*

Silver Business Package: Just $999/month.  Although each company’s needs are different, this package is typically ideal for start-up companies, which require fewer services from a business attorney and are working within the confines of a tight budget. It allows clients to establish a firm budget and prioritize the legal services they choose each month.

Gold Business Package: At $1999/month, clients receive a double digit discount off our regular rate, which makes our services even more affordable than our competition or in-house counsel. This Package can be structured to include regular on-demand legal advice in addition to transactional work.

Platinum Business Package: With this Package, at $2,999/month, clients receive the most significant discount available from our fee packages. It provides the greatest cost savings to our clients who have a greater need for the general/corporate counsel services we provide. It can also include on-demand legal services as needed.

Tailored Business Package: For small businesses with a larger number of employees, or a greater need for continuing general/corporate counsel representation, our business attorneys can structure a business package to meet your specific needs.

Don’t forget to ask about our “On Demand” services as part of your package.

Contact Us for your free evaluation or to set up a low cost consultation.

*Some restrictions apply; contact us for further details. An annual commitment is required to obtain the discounted pricing.