Disputes Can Be Settled Outside of the Courtroom, with the Help of Experienced Mediation Attorneys

Disputes are inevitable, but they need not lead to a lawsuit, which can be extremely expensive to the parties involved as well as taking a heavy emotional toll. Our experienced San Diego attorneys can help with the mediation services that will keep you out of the courtroom.

Choosing the Right San Diego Attorney to Help With Your Mediation Needs

At Gehres Law Group, P.C., we are committed to providing affordable mediation services to those in need of a neutral third party. A mediation attorney can help guide them to a successful resolution. We include a mediation provision in many of our contracts, due to the track record of success conciliation has enjoyed over the years. It is increasingly used by parties who are having a dispute, and often ordered by courts, even after litigation is pending. There is concrete evidence that proper negotiation with the assistance of an attorney works.

Ms. Gehres has advanced training in mediation techniques from the National Conflict Resolution Center, Inc. and is experienced at resolving disputes through negotiation. Our San Diego attorneys provide mediation services at our California Office, in San Diego, at a rate of $150 per hour for the first two hours of mediation, and $300 per hour thereafter. There is a two hour minimum. There is also a one-time fee of $75, per party, to cover the attorney’s preparation time in the case. This fee may be waived for more routine disputes. We are also pleased to offer on-site mediation, when an attorney in San Diego involves too much of a commute for the parties involved. For an additional cost, our attorneys will come to you.

Contact our experienced San Diego mediation attorneys today to schedule your mediation session and allow us to help you avoid extensive litigation.

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