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Trademarks & Copyrights Intellectual Property

Trademarks and copyrights involve some of the most valuable assets a business may own. Regardless of what your business offers your consumers — services or goods — trademarks and copyrights are the keys to establishing and protecting a recognizable brand.  It is critical to invest in the protection of these assets.  A company who fails to police and defend its trademarks and copyrights through an experienced trademark and copyright attorney, may lose the benefit of those rights.

At Gehres Law Group, P.C., our San Diego trademark & copyright lawyers believe our success is your success. By offering high quality trademark and copyright options for start-up businesses at a lower cost, we give clients an opportunity to dedicate more of their initial working capital to growing their business while proving our worth. As your business grows, we know you will have other legal needs, which our San Diego business lawyers also provide at very competitive rates. We walk the talk with you and are committed to helping your business thrive. Contact our trademark and copyright lawyers today for a free evaluation of your trademark and copyright needs.

Flat Fees for Federal Trademark Registration
Instead of charging their attorneys’ fees on an hourly basis as many San Diego and Southern California trademark and copyright law firms do, which can results in fees well in excess of $4,000 for routine matters, our intellectual property attorneys are pleased to offer discounted flat fee rates starting at just $495 plus filing fees as described in the Table below:


Services $495 $1,550 $2,250
Attorney reviews Client’s trademark information
Attorney conducts a search of all U.S. federal trademark applications and registrations for direct conflicts and for confusingly similar marks  ✓  ✓
Attorney analyzes search results and shares with Client  ✓  ✓
Attorney provides up to thirty minute telephone call to discuss results with Client  ✓  ✓
Attorney prepares and files Client’s trademark application
Attorney receives all communications from the U.S. Trademark Office and confers with Client if any issues arise for up to one total hour
Attorney responds to any non-substantive Office Actions
Attorney shares results of any non-substantive Office Action with Client
Attorney shares registration with Client if/when issued
Attorney responds to any substantive Office Actions including likelihood of confusion refusal
Up to two hours of additional telephone communications with attorney and unlimited email communications relating to Client’s trademark
application, Office Action, or review process

Some restrictions apply so call us for details.We also offer discounts on these already competitive flat fee rates for the registration of two or more trademarks. These rates represent a very significant savings to San Diego and Southern California business owners and individual. In addition, we never pass the work on to paralegals or untrained attorneys as some law firms are known to do. Your trademark matter will receive personalized attention by a trademark & copyright lawyer with a proven track record and at least ten years of trademark and copyright experience.

Flat Fees for Copyright Registration

Your copyright can be professionally registered by our experienced trademark & copyright lawyers for a flat fee of $495, plus the filing fee. Making sure your work is protected has never been easier or more affordable. Don’t take chances with your intellectual property, contact us today to get started.

Feel free to browse our website or visit our Trademark & Copyright Law Blog articles to learn more about the importance of registering your trademark or copyright.


Many trademark & copyright infringement disputes can be resolved without a formal legal action. If you have received a cease and desist letter, a notice of intent to contest your registration, or if you believe your trademark or copyright has been infringed, let our experienced trademark & copyright lawyers aggressively protect your rights. If you are engaged in a trademark or copyright infringement case, whether in a federal, California, or appellate level court, our attorneys have the dedication and knowledge to obtain the most favorable results possible while remaining committed to keeping your costs down. Contact us today for a free evaluation of your case.

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